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Since the publication of the Governments Building Regulations Part ‘L’ (2006) it is a legal requirement to ensure the windows fitted in your house help to conserve fuel and power and cut down on CO2 emissions. This is achieved by fitting Energy Saving Windows.

With carbon emissions high on the global agenda and the cost of fuel rising, we are all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient. Numerous household items are now manufactured and installed to these energy requirements and clearly fitting the correct windows is one of the most essential energy saving choices you will make for your home.

Window manufacturers supply the British Fenestration Rating Council with accurate drawings of the window sections along with details of the type of glass sealed units used. Computerised simulation tests are then carried out that will assess solar heat gain, thermal losses and air losses. Based on these results all windows are then certified from an ‘A’ Rating to ‘G’ Rating (‘A’ being the best possible energy saving performance window). Modern glass technology offers a range of glass types that together with new warm edged spacer bars and argon gas cavity infill, help achieve lower U-values and provide a far more energy efficient window.

CJS Exteriors Energy Efficient A Rated Windows

CJS Exteriors’s A rated windows have been officially tested using the same European rating system that has been used for items such as fridges and washing machines for many years.

An A rated window system will not lose any heat whatsoever from your home.

None, Zero. It’s a little more complicated than that, but the principle really is true. Unlike a C rated window the money you invest does not trickle back out of the window.

“A” is the highest rating a double glazing window can currently achieve.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy from CJS Exteriors A rated windows.

Energy efficient windows Essex | A-rated windows Essex

  • Argon Filled – The inner cavity of a traditional sealed unit is filled with dry air. CJS Exteriors A rated units have the air replaced with Argon, creating an extra barrier to heat loss.
  • Warm Edge Technology – An incredible 80% of a windows heat loss is through the aluminium spacer bar. CJS Exteriors A rated windows do not use this dated technology and instead utilise a modern composite polymer material that is 950 time less conductive than aluminium.
  • Sell Your Property Faster – Energy ratings now apply to your entire home and windows contribute hugely to the overall rating. Fit CJS Exteriors A rated windows and you’re well on your way to an A rated home.
  • 10 Year Guarantee – The units within our A rated windows come with an extended manufacturers guarantee of 10 years.

For more information contact us for a free demonstration on how our A rated windows work or call us on 01992 463 621.

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